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ToolingTooling is a form used to shape the casting cavity of a mold. Specific internal features and intricacies can be added with the use of a corebox. A wide range of cost-effective casting tooling can be constructed to meet your requirements, and, if tooling exists, we can adapt gating and rigging for utilization at the appropriate foundry. Several common types of tooling include:


Wood Patterns — This low-cost option is good for low to medium quantities and is very compatible with a large variety of equipment.


Metal Patterns — This option has a long tooling life with minimum wear and is highly adaptable to varied equipment.


Urethane Patterns — This low-cost option is durable and easily reproduced for additional impressions.


Foam Patterns — This option is an excellent choice for prototypes and single-use requirements and can also reduce the need for additional tooling such as coreboxes.



Coreboxes — This supplemental tooling can be constructed of any of the materials listed above dependent upon the geometry, tolerances, quantities and general casting requirements.

Tooling can be manufactured from a sample part, drawings or electronic files, including CAD drawings and solid models. Dimensional accuracy of the final tooling can be verified by manual or computer-aided layout inspection.

Tooling Tooling Tooling