ServicesThe most important thing we bring to our customers is expertise. This does not always translate into tangible products but rather services where critical information is needed to substantiate your position.

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Failure analysis

Analysis Analysis


Analysis Analysis

Failure analysis is the process of collecting data and performing a logical, systematic examination to determine the root cause of a failure and how to prevent its recurrence in the future. Failure analysis can be performed on a single component or an entire system and can employ a wide variety of analytical and investigative techniques depending on the overall failure mode and scope of analysis. Domet can provide objective and professional investigation and documentation of the cause of failure and provide recommendations to avoid additional loss moving forward.

Lab testing

Lab Testing


Lab Testing

Lab testing can be used to quantify and measure virtually any material property or product capability. In addition to our in-house testing facilities, we have developed alliances with many leading comprehensive and specialty labs to provide both routine and custom testing services including chemical and mechanical property verification, corrosion and environmental simulation, and plating and coating analysis, among many others. In addition to contract lab testing, Domet is able to provide product testing required as part of the manufacturing process as a cost-effective and value-based solution to many of our industrial customers.




Domet has the experience and expertise to provide detailed analysis and expert testimony in court. Our background includes work in the fields of product liability, personal injury, warranty claims and other litigation.

Philanthrophy & Community


Domet supports many educational and philanthropic efforts.

Our employees are part of a range of efforts directed at the betterment of our profession and community. We are proud supporters of the College of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech.

VT FIREVT FIRE is one of the focuses of our current work at Virginia Tech. VT FIRE stands for the Virginia Tech Foundry Institute for Research and Education. Once realized, VT FIRE will provide a world-class teaching and research facility to support the foundry and metal casting industries. To learn more about VT FIRE, click here.

HuffmanTwo generations of Huffmans have cast two generations of Skippers.

The most visible - or, in this case, audible - contributions to our community is Skipper II, the cannon that is fired by the VPI Cadets when Virginia Tech's football team scores. The original Skipper, which was made under the auspices of Paul Huffman, Sr., debuted on Thanksgiving Day 1963.

The first blast from the cannon was so intense it rattled the glass windows in the sportscasters' booth at Victory Stadium in Roanoke. VPI won the game 35 to 20. A tradition was born. Click here for an account of the tradition of Skipper by October Sky author Homer Hickam. Skipper II, which was cast under the supervision of Paul Huffman, Jr., thundered into action October 1984 at the Homecoming game in Lane Stadium. Click here for a pdf of a historical bulletin from the College of Engineering about the legacy of Skipper.

Virginia Tech UVa Game 2004


We are pleased to assist in the creation of a most memorable class gift for Virginia Tech's class of 2011, a huge replica of the class ring.

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