Dominion Metallurgical considers the quality of products and services offered to be our highest priority. Since our inception, we have maintained and continually improved a formal quality-management system in order to assure our customers receive the level of satisfaction they demand.

The key to achieving a quality product is to understand the customer's requirements and match them to the appropriate supplier. Many of Domet's suppliers are registered to recognized quality-management standards that are utilized as requirements dictate. Domet's extensive manufacturing experience and unique business model give us a distinct advantage in managing our suppliers to ensure consistent product quality.

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Development of Subcontractors


  • Domet staff routinely visit our subcontractors to monitor performance and process improvements and to identify preventive actions necessary to preclude potential quality issues.
  • The broad manufacturing experience of the Domet team affords the unique ability to assist our suppliers in resolving tough quality problems.
  • Our use of supplier profiles, tailored to specific manufacturing processes, enables us to evaluate current and potential supplier capability to aid in future and existing part placement.
  • Our internal supplier-evaluation process incorporates both subjective and objective data, which is quantified and reviewed with the suppliers on an ongoing basis in an effort to foster continuous improvement.

Document Control


  • All internal, customer-supplied and obsolete documents are managed appropriately to prevent unintended use.
  • Quality documents, including revisions, are sent to suppliers and always acknowledged to assure receipt.

New Part Development


  • Quality Planning — Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) meetings are held to review all customer contracts/requirements and establish the quality and production parameters to develop Domet Quality documents.
  • Sample Approval — Initial samples and first article documentation are evaluated internally prior to submission to the customer for approval
  • Product Realization — Part Specific Quality Requirements (PSQRs) are developed for every part during APQP. This controlling document incorporates all customer requirements enhanced with specific manufacturing details and is integrated into the supplier's manufacturing process.


Incoming Product Quality


  • All materials are verified to appropriate standards and approved for release prior to shipment.
  • Verifications can be as detailed as necessary and may include chemical-, mechanical-, NDT- or dimensional-inspection reports that can be provided to the customer as requested.

Corrective Actions


  • Suppliers are required to analyze and correct all customer concerns. Domet manages this activity until meaningful corrective actions have uncovered the root cause and verified that the issue has been resolved.
  • Domet initiates corrective actions to suppliers when non-conforming products and services are encountered to prevent a negative impact on our customers.

Customer Satisfaction


  • A vital factor of Domet's continuous improvement process is our annual customer-satisfaction survey. This quantitative evaluation allows Domet management to identify areas of improvement and develop action plans based on customer feedback.
  • All customer returns are documented and ranked by quantity and cost. Particular attention is paid to the top contributors in order to reduce or eliminate causes of nonconformance.
  • All Domet personnel are directly responsible for customer satisfaction and are required to visit customers on a regular basis.

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Terms and Consitions



All quotations are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated and are subject to price and delivery confirmation upon receipt of order. Although every effort is made to provide an accurate quote, we reserve the right to correct clerical errors should they occur. Goods and Services sold by Dominion Metallurgical (Domet) are expressly subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale. Any different or additional terms or conditions in buyers purchase order or similar communications are subject to and shall not be binding unless agreed to in writing by a Domet corporate officer. Buyer's acceptance of shipment and/or payment for goods or services constitutes acceptance of Domet terms and conditions of sale.


Any alterations by the Buyer in design, weight, quantities, or specifications of the ordered product may require adjustment of the quoted prices. Prices are subject to change to cover future increases in material or labor and prices are prevailing at time of shipment. Material surcharges are established monthly, applied at the time of shipment, and are in addition to acknowledged unit prices. Any variance between the actual and quoted weight may result in a price adjustment. Unless otherwise noted, the above pricing is for product only and does not include gating or rigging of customer supplied tooling, special testing or inspection requirements, and machining unless specifically addressed in the quote.


All sales are final. All prices are net cash 30 days from date of invoice (Net 30) unless otherwise stated in Domet's proposal, quotation or offer. Should Buyer for any reason default in the payment of the contract of purchase, Buyer agrees to pay all collection costs, attorney fees and expenses incurred in collecting payment, including interest at the rate of 2.0% per month on the outstanding invoice balance. It is expressly understood and agreed that Domet is granted a security interest in and a lien upon all tooling of the Buyer to secure payment of any sums owed by Buyer to Domet and that Domet is not obligated to release said tooling until all sums are paid in full. All transportation, insurance and similar charges incident to delivery shall be paid by Buyer. Should the Buyer cancel, suspend, or reduce an ordered quantity, then any work in process shall be invoiced against the Buyer's purchase order and subject to Domet Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Where tooling is supplied by Buyer, Domet assumes that such tooling is in good condition, true to drawings and Buyer's specifications, and entirely suitable for the method of production and quantities required. Replacement of and alterations or repairs to Buyer's patterns or equipment, due to normal wear and tear, shall be paid for by the Buyer. Any proprietary gating, gauges, rigging, etc. remains the property of Domet. Where patterns are produced for Buyer, 50% of the purchase price will be due with order and the balance invoiced with sample submission. Domet shall not be responsible for loss or damage to patterns by fire or other casualties beyond its control. Buyer should maintain appropriate insurances suitable to cover their property value.

Transportation and Delivery

All prices are quoted FOB shipping point unless otherwise specifically agreed upon. Delivery to Transportation Company shall constitute complete delivery. Time for delivery is estimated as accurately as possible, but is subject to delays or breakdowns beyond the control of Domet and is not guaranteed. Due to the difficulty of producing exact quantities of product, Domet reserves the right to complete an order at plus or minus 10% of the quantities ordered. Lead times commence only after receipt of written instructions to proceed together with all necessary information, drawings, patterns or equipment and sample approval.

Damage, Shortage or Loss

Seller is not responsible for loss or damage of products in transit. Seller must be notified in writing of any damage or shortage of material within three days of receipt of goods and the goods have been signed for as "not examined".


Samples submitted will be payable under sellers normal terms. Bulk of order will commence upon receipt of written approval from Buyer.


While every effort is made to provide sound parts, no express or implied warranty is given by the Seller as to the fitness or suitability of parts for any particular purpose whether such purpose is known to the Seller or not. Any costs of supplying, machining, or testing of a sample or production pieces will be borne by the Buyer.

Defects and Limits of Liability

No parts are to be returned or scrapped without written approval from the Seller. The invoice value of any parts made by Domet and proved to be defective in workmanship or materials will be credited to the Buyer, provided that the parts are returned within 6 months of date of shipment. Defective parts will not form the subject of any claim for labor, machining costs, or expenditure thereon or for resultant loss or damage arising out of any such defect. Expenditure by the Buyer in the salvaging of defective parts may be a matter for agreement between Buyer and Seller, but in the absence of such agreement it shall not be chargeable to the Seller. The Buyer shall make every effort to ascertain any possible defects as soon as possible after delivery of the parts, including any necessary tests or inspection during or after machining. Immediately after discovery of such defects or alleged defects, the Buyer shall notify the Seller in writing and allow Domet a reasonable opportunity to take prompt measures to prevent a repetition of the defect. No claim for free replacement will be accepted in respect of any parts found to be defective through faults in the design or construction of Tooling supplied by the Buyer. In no event, whether arising before or after completion of its obligations under the contract, shall Seller be liable for special, consequential, or incidental damages of any kind (including but not limited to loss of use, revenue or profits, inventory or use charges, cost of capital, or claims of customers) incurred by Buyer or any third party.


Packing cases, packing materials, and pallets required for transportation are not included in unit pricing and will be charged as a separate invoice line item.


The Buyer shall indemnify the seller against all damages, penalties, costs, and expenses arising out of and loss suffered as a result of the infringement of any Patent Registered Design, Trade Mark, Trade Name, or Copyright or accordance with the Buyer's specification.

Applicable Law and Venue

The relationship between Domet and Buyer shall be governed by the laws of the State of Virginia. Any legal action pertaining to the enforcement of any condition or term of the sale whether instituted by the Buyer or by Domet may only be commenced in a court (state or federal) in Roanoke County, Virginia or Roanoke City, Virginia.

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